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Be Kind to Yourself with our Morning Sickness Remedy Care Package

What you will find in your Morning Sickness Care Package

Ginger Gems

A huge favourite and a great remedy when on the go. The soothing effect of the ginger in these delightful treats helps sooth nausea and assists with fast relief! 

The Humble Ginger Biscuit

Ginger, the great natural remedy for nausea, doesn't come in a better package than out beautiful ginger biscuits. A great remedy at anytime of the day.

Lemon Sherbert Sweets

Lemon, another refreshing natural remedy for pregnancy nausea. Sweet, soothing, fast and effective, no hand-bag should be without them during the early stages of pregnancy.

Salted Crackers

Delightful and addictive , these gems can be eaten throughout the day to keep the sickness at bay. We have had a huge amount of positive feedback for our delicious salted crackers. Eat plain or put on some spread.

Organic Peppermint Tea

A great stomach settler. Put your feet up , relax , take deep breaths and enjoy some peppermint tea. Great for stomach and mind. Maybe compliment it with a few ginger nut cookies.


Easy to carry cinnamon,  helps you ease your stomach throughout the day. Add it to your latte, put some on whatever your eating to help ease the nausea and allow you carry on with your day. Tastes great.


These are great on the go when nausea hits. A sweet treat that helps make you feel fresh and settleds your stomach. Dont leave home without them.

Baking Soda and Lemon Extract

A 'life saver' we have been told and a secret gem you do not often hear about. Baking soda and water with some sweet extract of your choosing. Helps settle even the most upset stomachs.


More sweet treats and a nausea saver from the ages. A great settler of nausea and something you must try.

Lemon Soap

Start your day with soothing lemon soap for your morning shower. Or add it to your long evening bath. The beautiful lemon smell and feel has helped many a morning sickness sufferer.

On-the-go Sick Bag

Part of our on the go rescuse pack that comes in your care package, these sick bags can give you peace of mind.

On-the-go toothpaste

Travel toothpaste for when your on the go. Can help you feel fresh whenever it is needed.

On-the-go Toothbrush

Small portable toothbrush for your handbag. A must!

Nausea Wristband

Our nausea wristbands are subtle and do not tell the world you are pregnant. The bands address your acupuncture pressure points, and help stimulate the P6 pressure point , which relieves nausea. These are our most praised item in our care package.

Chocolate Surprise

Nothing suggests chocolate assists with morning sickness. But you deserve a treat, so we put a chocolate surprise in all out care packages!

Morning Sickness Survival Guide

A guide on how to use the care package to best find your remedy!

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